Conservative Republican for State Senate

About Jeremy

Born on The Hi-Line and raised in Hill County, Jeremy learned the necessity of hard work, independence and family. After graduating from Blue Sky High School, Jeremy attended MSU Northern and applied his skills to auto repair businesses and then turned to building and construction. After his hands-on experiences, Jeremy and his wife Alicia, created Myg. Inc. and have built and developed over 150 homes in SW Montana.

As a business leader, Jeremy shared the struggles and roadblocks that excessive government creates for Montana businesses. Jeremy, Alicia and their 9 year old son Isaac, are now committed to taking back America and returning our Country to a sensible moral and fiscal foundation. Government is attempting to raise our children and Jeremy strongly believes in the rights of parents to teach and raise their own children. As a born-again Christian, Jeremy stands for the Constitution and the Rights given to legal citizens in The Bill of Rights.

Politicians have failed us and it’s time for Patriots and citizens to take back our country. Jeremy is standing up for Montana. WE WILL take our country back.

For God and Country.


Immigration & Border Security

In 2021, nearly 2 million immigrants crossed our southern border and Democrats in Washington refuse to stop the invasion of drugs and criminals into our country. Jeremy will work to take meaningful steps to stop the influx of illegal immigrants who are entering the United States by passing state laws that are deterrents and funding law enforcement agencies working to combat the issue. Jeremy will oppose providing tax payer funded services to those who have broken our laws.

Out of Control Government Spending

Runaway inflation is hurting Montanans of all ages and especially working Montana families. Prices are soaring on everything from groceries to gas because of politicians addicted to wasteful government spending. It’s time to elect a true Montana conservative who will reduce property taxes, cut government spending, balance the budget, and bring common sense back to state government.

2nd Amendment Rights

Jeremy believes in our Second Amendment rights and supports the efforts of the NRA in protecting our rights to defend ourselves from the lawless attitudes of the far left. He opposes limitations on our right to own firearms and will vote against any red-flag laws. Your rights to protect and defend yourself have no limitations.

Montana Values in Government

Jeremy will take everyday Montana values to the state capitol– moral integrity, ethical decision making and leadership on behalf of Montana’s working families.

Montana needs a State Senator who puts Montana Citizens first, not the lobbyist and special interest groups.